Fleux exclusivity : tote bags, the must-have accessory !

With their sunny colours, Fleux’ Tote-bags fade into your daily life, complementing your summer outfits as well as those worn all year round.  We've decided to put our own twist on this trendy accessory loved by everyone. But before we dive into our exclusive collection of tote bags, let us ask you a question: "Do you say Fleu or Fleux?"

Do you say Fleu or Fleux ?

At Fleux, we've noticed that the pronunciation of our brand name often raises questions.
How can we blame you for the slightly UFO name 'Fleux' and the complication of the French language?Sometimes we pronounce the X, sometimes we forget. To tell you a little more about this little name that is causing so much debate, it's a contraction of the words Luxe and Superflu.

To extend the debate and have a bit of fun with it, we've decided to make a tote-bag out of it! Of course, you're free to pronounce Fleux however you like and to wear this question on your shoulder to keep the debate going.

Convenient and stylish, the tote-bag is your ideal companion !

Both practical and stylish, our tote bags let you carry all your essentials. Made from 100% cotton, they offer optimum durability and resistance. Thanks to their versatile design, these bags let you create a multitude of looks, whether neutral or colourful. Whether you're taking them to the beach, running errands or you’re just out for a stroll, they'll never leave your shoulder.

Its big size allows you to carry your must-have : stuffed llama or Flowerpot lamp, there is room for everyone ! Don't worry, if you're more the classic type, your phone or beach towel will fit inside just as well.

Trendy colours for every occasion

Our tote-bags are available in a range of trendy colours, which can easily be combined with all your outfits. Beige and brown tones are perfect for those who prefer neutral colours that work well with every style of clothing. If you’re looking to add a touch of freshness, our apple green piece with its candy pink
lettering will brighten up your outfits in the blink of an eye. And for those with a thirst for just the right amount of originality, our navy blue bag with its tangy green writing is here for you. Finally, if you're a fan of pastel shades, our lilac version with a touch of pale yellow is the bag you’re looking for.

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So, are you more Team Fleu or Team Fleux ? (PS : We are more Team Fleux, but we’ll let you choose.)

Visit our Fleux shops or our website to discover our collection of tote-bags and share the name of your team ! And don’t forget, the must-have summer accessory is the Fleux tote bag. We can’t wait to see you sporting yours in style and good humour.

Your new companion

Tote-bag Fleux


Tote-bag Fleux