A Fleux exclusivity: Paloma placemats

Make way for the sun, for colors in all their splendour, with our exclusive collection of placemats designed with the French brand Pôdevache. Revealing a play of sunny stripes in particularly lively tones, this collection of Paloma placemats seduces with its graphic and vibrant spirit!
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A solar collaboration! Let yourself be seduced by our very first exclusive collection of placemats designed by Fleux and produced by the French brand Pôdevache. A fusion of totally colorful universes. Created and manufactured in the south of France, the Pôtdevache collections are characterized by their originality. A total fan of this visual identity, Fleux simply wanted to collaborate with this brand with a strong personality.

" Make way for the sun and the color "

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More than ever, placemats have become a real piece of decoration that imposes its singularity. The Paloma vinyl collection reveals a play of stripes in particularly bright colors and adapts perfectly to an offbeat table style. They will bring pep and joy to your meals while protecting your furniture.

Fleux invites you to adopt a maximalist hodgepodge style where all colors and pattern combinations are allowed. So dare to mix and match the craziest colors. Layer the stripes and flower patterns to adopt a decidedly kitsch style. Don't be afraid of too much and eccentricity; this is what makes your originality. The Paloma placemats, however, go perfectly with a more sober style. If you want a lighter and more graphic table, Fleux suggests matching these sets with very pretty white tableware with more sober lines.
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A decorative element in its own right, our vinyl placemats guarantee maximum protection by avoiding soiling or the heat of the plates. Its vinyl composition provides easy maintenance. Its manufacture in France is also a real plus. Several models are available. Mix the colors as you like.